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Here we publish the various deliverables of the DENSE project.

Scientific Publications

Here we list all the published scientific publications in the context of the DENSE project.




Aho, Antti & Viheriälä, Jukka & Mäkelä, Jaakko & Virtanen, Heikki & Ranta, Sanna & Dumitrescu, Mihail & Guina, Mircea. (2017). High-power 1550 nm tapered DBR laser diodes for LIDAR applications. 1-1.


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Jukka Viheriälä, Antti T. Aho, Heikki Virtanen, Sanna Ranta, Mihail Dumitrescu, Mircea Guina. (2018). High-Power 1550 nm DBR Laser Diodes for LIDAR Applications.


M. Bijelic, T. Gruber, W. Ritter. (2018). A Benchmark for Lidar Sensors in Fog: Is Detection Breaking Down?


 M. Bijelic, T. Gruber, W. Ritter. (2018). Benchmarking Image Sensors Under Adverse Weather Conditions for Autonomous Driving


N. Scheiner, N. Appenrodt, J. Dickmann, and B. Sick. (2018). Radar-based Feature Design and Multiclass Classification for Road User Recognition.


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T. Gruber, M. Kokhova, W. Ritter, N. Haala, K. Dietmayer. (2018). Learning super-resolved Depth from Active Gated Imaging.


Henna Paaso. (2018). Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithms for Leaky-Wave Antennas and Antenna Arrays


K. Dietmayer, A. Pfeuffer. (2018). Optimal Sensor Data Fusion Architecture for Object Detection in Adverse Weather Conditions.


Alexander Hunt. (2018). Vision Enhancement for Autonomous Driving under Adverse Weather Conditions using Generative Adversial Nets.




N. Scheiner, N. Appenrodt, J. Dickmann, B. Sick. (2019). Automated Ground Truth Estimation of Vulnerable Road Users in Automotive Radar Data Using GNSS.


N. Scheiner, N. Appenrodt, J. Dickmann, B. Sick. (2019). Radar-based Road User Classification and Novelty Detection with Recurrent Neural Network Ensembles.


Nicolas Scheiner, Stefan Haag, Nils Appenrodt, Bharanidhar Duraisamy, Jürgen Dickmann, Martin Fritzsche, Bernhard Sick. (2019). Automated Ground Truth Estimation For Automotive Radar Tracking Applications With Portable GNSS And IMU Devices.


Andreas Pfeuffer, Klaus Dietmayer. (2019). Robust Semantic Segmentation in Adverse Weather Conditions by means of Sensor Data Fusion.


Maria Jokela, Matti Kutila, Pasi Pyykönen. (2019). Testing and Validation of Automotive Point-Cloud Sensors in Adverse Weather Conditions.




Here we publish public presentations held by the DENSE partners.


Presentation in the Pecha Kucha format by Dr. Werner Ritter at the congress "ECSEL in Germany"
Dresden, Germany, 05. + 06.09.2018: A new sensor suite for automated driving in all weather conditions.